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Starjammer Engineering has a vast range of engineering and design expertise in civil, rail, maritime and aerospace.

From concept to reality...

Precision is the name of the game in engineering.

Where ideas are born and concepts are nurtured

Starjammer Engineering has been working on important capital and infrastructure projects since 2003.

From blueprint to manufacture

We can help get your ideas off the ground.

Think big

Our project services team can help with any venture, large or small.

From inception to completion

The blueprint for your success starts here.


Starjammer Engineering believes in excellence as standard.

The future starts here

From prototype to reality. From the augmented and the virtual comes the physical. We’re here to help you realise your aims and objectives.

We'll help you evolve your designs

We’ll help you with the large and small things like design services and project management in order to produce the desired results.

Project and expectations management

We’ll make sure that you hit the ground running.

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