We’re very proud to report on our involvement with Augmented Solutions in developing My Print Pod – an Innovate UK funded project, in association with Fraunhofer IPA.

Additive manufacture is fast becoming the norm in engineering, and in many respects it’s shaken the process of product development and fast manufacturing to the core. Investment in 3D Printing systems and techniques has bolstered the manufacturing sector in such a way that this could be considered to be the next Industrial Revolution in progress.

Since the first 3D printers became available in the early 1980s, there have been leaps and bounds in terms of their capability and over the last ten years, the affordability of the technology has enabled small and medium sized enterprises to up their game and level up with the larger companies offering the same or similar design and production services.

After much interest and a successful workshop at The HostSpace in Portsmouth back in October this year, the My Print Pod project is sponsoring and presenting a bigger 3D printing workshop with demonstrations, talks and a Q and A session.

The event, which is being held at the Barclays Network Eagle Labs in Southampton, will last three hours and covers the process of 3D printing and how it can improve and streamline your business, both in terms of costs and environmental sustainability. We will look at the materials and how the process of additive manufacture is becoming greener and how these processes should be going forwards in these uncertain times.

There will be case studies which will show you how your company can gain an advantage over your competitors, and the cost savings that are an inherent part of these processes. And of course there will be live demos so you can see how fast these processes are from initial concept to final prototype and manufacture.

The main speakers will be Mike Griffin, MD of Augmented Solutions, who is the project lead, Steven Parham, MD of Starjammer Engineering who’ll be giving a talk on Computer Aided Design and demonstrating rapid prototyping in real time, and Markus Echsel from the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation who will talk about the practical use of sustainable materials.

Mike Griffin, Markus Eschel (via weblink), Charlotte Smith of Moonhopper Games and Steven Parham at the My Print Pod 3D Printing Workshop held at The HostSpace in Portsmouth in October 2023

The case studies have been made with the grateful assistance of Bradbury Tracks, South Coast Events, Moonhopper Games and Premium Event Productions.

So, save the date: Monday 27th November at 10am. Admission is free, so book your ticket early from Eventbrite to avoid disappointment. You can get your free ticket from the link below.